Fulfilling One of My Dreams

February is already here and it is crazy how fast time passed by.  Today I was  going to reply to a friend’s comment on fb when I was interrupted by one of those “memories” to be shared with the public.  Instead I just sat back and thought about all the wonderful moments of that picture. The picture was in fact the very first picture I took of Natalia in Hanoi.

That picture made me think of my life dreams and all of those I have achieved and the ones that I still have not done so. One of those dreams was to get an ADV motorbike. In case you don’t know what ADV stands for, it’s simply a short version of adventure bike. Continue reading “Fulfilling One of My Dreams”


Welcome to Hanoi Vietnam

 Capital City of Vietnam

We spent a lot of days in Hanoi. Perhaps too many, and that was not the original plan as we wanted to go to the mountains near China in the north, but once we got to the hotel we spoke to the receptionist and he told us that it had been snowing the days before. To that, we were not ready. Not when you spend a day on a day that might or might not make it through the snow. So in the end we decided to explore Hanoi properly and whatever attraction was near to Hanoi.

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Commuting from Barcelona to Bracknell – Challenge Accepted


Last year when I moved to Barcelona from England I never thought I was going to commute to Bracknell for 7 months every Monday or Tuesday on a weekly basis. But it happened.

At first, the idea was crazy but after reading the articles on the newspapers I said “sure, why not?” However, as the months went by the tiredness hit me and after 5 months of commuting between the Mediterranean sea and England reached my limit. Continue reading “Commuting from Barcelona to Bracknell – Challenge Accepted”

First Bicycle Tour – Barcelona – Girona – 135kms

I’ve been into cycling for some time now and I guess it all started once I moved to Europe since Caracas is not a great place for bikes. This passion reached new levels once I started working in Bracknell outside of London and I decided to commute there every two or three days ( it all depended on my knees).  My commute would be 40kms return trip from London to Bracknell and back into London.

Moving forward it’s been a year since I moved with my girlfriend to Barcelona and I just fell in love with the mountains around the city and the long obstacle-less ride along the Besos river.

Yet, I’ve always dreamt about getting on my bike and ride for more than 100 kilometres. It sounds like an easy thing, especially when you look at the cyclist at the Tour De France. But there are some differences that we need to jot down. Continue reading “First Bicycle Tour – Barcelona – Girona – 135kms”

Westhost Hosting – Open Letter to Support Team

Hi there,

Hope you’re well.

I’ve been noticing that over the last weeks there’s been a lot of down time form your site and that has affected my business as well as my girlfriend’s.

Now, just moments ago I was charged for your services and this is a perfect time to get an explanation from your site and understand why is WESTHOST so unreliable when it comes to up-time.

Here’s my Ticket ID: 1052789

If you need the all the down-times I’ve got all the dates and times.

I hope, you can be honest enough to tell me if this is trend will continue, if yes, please accept it and tell me so I can change hosting provider in time.

Best regards,

A very UNHAPPY customer – Jorge Bravo-Pratscher

westhost support

Barcelona y su Errónea Visión de Negocio de Calle

Desde que me mudé a Barcelona hace un año la idea de comenzar mi propio negocio ha ido creciendo más y más pero por razones del trabajo que tenía en aquel entonces desistí de la idea.

Un año después he comenzado a buscar información de cómo puedo montar mi propio negocio y vender mi producto, pero el día hoy me he topado con los primeros obstáculos, los cuales vi venir, pero no de esa manera.

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The creepy Chapel – Comino

Many visitors on the island have come across this isolated Chapel. Yes, it’s not a church as many people say. The Santa Marija Chapel was built around the same time as the Comino Tower – Santa Marija Tower. And it was built because during that time the island had a few farmers.

The Chapel only has mass on sunday early morning or in the afternoon but it’s interesting to know that the bells ring everyday. In the evening it can be very creepy and the fact that it never opens its door makes it a a misterious place.

Relaxed Spring in Comino

If my picture about the East side of Comino left you with some doubts about how the West side of this little island looks like then here you have it. Actually Comino is not only one island but a group of many tiny ones. On this picture taken a year ago during spring you can see one of those tiny islands called Cominoto and also you can see the Blue Lagoon.

It’s important to say that this picture was not taken during summer when there’s a massive influx of tourists and it’s almost impossible to enjoy the island. Still it’s worth visiting the whole island and not only one side of it.

The Comino Tower

The Observation Tower in Comino is the best preserved and well maintain building that remains on the island. The real name is Santa Marjia Torri ( St. Mary’s Tower) and it was build in the beginning of the 17th Century by the military engineer Vittorio Cassar. Once you climb up the stairs, you can see pretty much on every direction. I guess that back in the days when it was used pirates would attack from the east since this is the only point where the sea can’t be seen due to the geography of the island.

Maltese Worms

Perhaps you will never imagine, you could find worms in a place like Malta, let alone Comino. These tiny but spiky friends were walking on top of the rusted pipes that one carried fresh water around the Comino island.

I asked the couple living there and even they didn’t believe it.