Purity in Mind and Spirit

Kendo, one of my hobbies (that unfortunately I had to stop due to healthy reasons) has always offer me the chance to keep me down, to soften me, to relax and excite almost instantly. No other sport offers that . For such an man-oriented culture and society as the Japanese it is always a pleasure to observe women in the Kendo world. The Kendoka in the picture Matsuda Sensei during a Kendo Seminar in 2011.

Walls and Vespa

I don’t know if you’ve had the pleasure to drive one of this scooters but they are the best of its kind. Being a motorbike fan and having ridden for more than 10 years several type of bikes. I can tell that no bike on earth compares to a Vespa. However, to make it even more authentic what about riding a Vespa in a cosy village. A place where the senses really let you relax and enjoy the landscape around you, that’s Tivoli.

500 Miles South From Home

Despite its size it’s one of those places where history mixes perfectly. Malta is a place were to describe the adjective “old”, one must use older and oldest. However, at times that might not be sufficient. An old rust Fiat 500 lost in a narrow street is one of those examples.

Tea in Toronto

 The day is just about to start. I grab my camera, sit and read the news which are nothing but boring. Having a look at the Toronto map I caught this instant that represent the beauty of the tea moment regardless of which moment of the day we’re talking about.