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Old Avis Site Relaunch & CMS Migration

Project Description

The old Avis Car Rental sites for Spain, Italy and Portugal had an old non-responsive design. Due to the platform’s age UX and UI updates could not be implemented. The migration to the new sites took two years in total after many IT delays. I was involved in the UX redesign, content creation, and the CMS migration. I was also involved in the SEO migration from the old CMS to the new one.

Project Details

Client Avis Car Rental
Date 10th December 2015
Skills Branding, UX, Content, SEO

old avis es homepage

The old Avis site had a old design and UI.  In terms of SEO the site was not up to the last trends. The site was not responsive and the mobile and tablet combined visits had increased 140% since the site was launched.

The CMS used on the old site was not very flexible and redirects had to be managed by the IT team instead of the digital team.

Special offers or promotions pages were not flexible and CTAs did not trigger the visitors to click on the page.

Landing page creation was not fast enough and moving elements (modules) around the page was impossible.

Content creation was done separately on a wordpress blog.

The new site focused on a full-width layout that was also responsive. The UX was improved and conversion rate after 4 weeks of launching the site had gone up 13% compared to the previous year.

The new CMS offered a more flexible platform that helped me and the other teams on creating content and publishing it at will instead of waiting until midnight like in the old platform.

Creating landing pages for google ads as well as for the affiliates was improved and the time turnaround was dropped from two weeks to two days.

SEO was improved after 4 weeks of launching the site. Traffic increase 15% and bookings increase 10% compared to previous year numbers.

The site responsiveness helped to also increase the traffic on the site as well as bookings.