The creepy Chapel – Comino

Many visitors on the island have come across this isolated Chapel. Yes, it’s not a church as many people say. The Santa Marija Chapel was built around the same time as the Comino Tower – Santa Marija Tower. And it was built because during that time the island had a few farmers.

The Chapel only has mass on sunday early morning or in the afternoon but it’s interesting to know that the bells ring everyday. In the evening it can be very creepy and the fact that it never opens its door makes it a a misterious place.

Relaxed Spring in Comino

If my picture about the East side of Comino left you with some doubts about how the West side of this little island looks like then here you have it. Actually Comino is not only one island but a group of many tiny ones. On this picture taken a year ago during spring you can see one of those tiny islands called Cominoto and also you can see the Blue Lagoon.

It’s important to say that this picture was not taken during summer when there’s a massive influx of tourists and it’s almost impossible to enjoy the island. Still it’s worth visiting the whole island and not only one side of it.

The Comino Tower

The Observation Tower in Comino is the best preserved and well maintain building that remains on the island. The real name is Santa Marjia Torri ( St. Mary’s Tower) and it was build in the beginning of the 17th Century by the military engineer Vittorio Cassar. Once you climb up the stairs, you can see pretty much on every direction. I guess that back in the days when it was used pirates would attack from the east since this is the only point where the sea can’t be seen due to the geography of the island.

Comino – The East Side

Sounds like Comino was a huge island and I’m trying to describe a region, but that’s not even close. In fact, there’s nothing here in terms of buildings. However, nobody seems to be interested on the East side of Comino. Mainly because the Blue Lagoon (the most attractive place for toutists) is on the West side of the island.

But if you like peace and want to snorkel or dive or simply see a very nice landscape with a very high cliff like the one on the picture then you have to come to the East Side of Comino. Trust me – chances are you will come across wild rabbits – and I’m not joking.

Comino Empty – Blue Lagoon

This beautiful Maltese island a real dream for anyone who can come and enjoy Comino in Malta. The colour of the water says it all. Just remember to bring sunblock, snorkel, and plenty of enjoyment will await for you.

Sunset in Comino

Regardless when you come Comino is beautiful, although I would avoid coming here during summer but that’s up to you. I was lucky enough to stay in Comino overnight twice. The fact that it is a tiny island makes it easy to run from west to east and viceversa and see and amazing sunset or sunrise in COmino. It definetely worths it.