First Bicycle Tour – Barcelona – Girona – 135kms

I’ve been into cycling for some time now and I guess it all started once I moved to Europe since Caracas is not a great place for bikes. This passion reached new levels once I started working in Bracknell outside of London and I decided to commute there every two or three days ( it all depended on my knees).  My commute would be 40kms return trip from London to Bracknell and back into London.

Moving forward it’s been a year since I moved with my girlfriend to Barcelona and I just fell in love with the mountains around the city and the long obstacle-less ride along the Besos river.

Yet, I’ve always dreamt about getting on my bike and ride for more than 100 kilometres. It sounds like an easy thing, especially when you look at the cyclist at the Tour De France. But there are some differences that we need to jot down. Continue reading “First Bicycle Tour – Barcelona – Girona – 135kms”