Journaling Challenge – Day 1

Today is the first day I will try to answer the three questions Alex Bayanan suggested. These three questions are meant to help you find out what you really like and should be doing in the long term in order for you to be happy in life. So here goes the first question:

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

Today was just another normal day at work. If I have to highlight two moments that filled me with enthusiasm they have to be the morning and afternoon bicycle ride to and form work and the twenty run after work.

I am convinced that I feel happier being outside moving my body than being in an office, sitting in front of a laptop. It is not that I do not like doing what I do at work, but if only I had the opportunity to do it outside, from any place. Perhaps a remote job is a better option for me. I have also thought of getting a part time job. The problem with that is the challenge it poses with not having a monthly steady income.

What drained me of energy today?

Sitting inside the poorly ventilated office. It is funny because I consider to be working in the best office you can possible work in Barcelona, but the ventilation is terrible. We have asked to replace the AC filters and they said they will. I think they actually did but I cannot feel any difference. Sitting in front of the computer is definitely not good for such a long periods of time, perhaps when I was younger but not anymore.

What did I learn about myself today?

I learn that I like to read about science and new discoveries. I am also interested in new ways to improve my life from a psychological point of view as well as physical.

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