Journaling Challenge – Day 2

Second evening and I have to say that I am surprised of myself for doing this. I feel committed to do this challenge and see what changes happen within myself at the end. I’ve also realised that since I am most of the times cycling to work it would be nice to share what I see on my way to work. On the other hand, I have been thinking of recording myself talking to a camera and sharing my answers for those who do not like to read. It would also let me in the future see how I used to see things, the things I liked and what changed at the end. Having said all this let’s move on to what matters, the questions, so:

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

The weather this morning was much milder than yesterday and the days before. I wore a jacket but half way to the office I had to stop a take it off. I felt so light, relieved and free not having to wear it. I could also feel the morning sea side breeze. That moment, when I stopped to take the picture I am sharing on top was very special because I managed to see the sunrise, the beautiful gradient colours and also see the aftermath of last week’s storm Gloria.

The other highlight of the day was to sit down with my manager and have my annual evaluation. It was great because we talked about my performance and the things I have to improve. Some things I was aware of and some other came as a surprise but I took it as a nice challenge to achieve in the coming months.

In the evening after having a long chat with a dear friend I had 40 minutes yoga session. I turned off the lights, lit up two candles and wore my in-ear headphones and played some siddharta relaxing music. That felt great, because I managed to feel and observe my breathing and also be aware of the things I was thinking as well as certain aspects of the day.

What drained me of energy today?

This is the second day and I think this will be the norm but for the sake of journaling I will try to change a bit the words: being in the office drains me full stop. I could make up some lines and try to make it nicer but the honest truth is that being inside the office sickens me. I love the people I work with because I have met great workmates but I wish I could meet them and work with them outside doing something else.

This “something else” is something I am trying to find a solution of but in the meantime it is what it is. I love the job but being sitting in front of a computer (like I’m doing now) is terrible. But I am sure that in the future things will be different and for the best.

What did I learn about myself today?

I’ve learnt that I perform better if I exercise a bit everyday. Tonight I did some yoga, yesterday I went for 20 mins high-pace run and my body feels energised. I love being in motion. I need to move all my body parts otherwise boredom awaits.

I’ve also learnt that I need to improve certain professional aspects if I want to improve and step up in this field. I reckon, that just acknowledging that is a great first step.

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