Journaling Challenge – Day 3

Tonight I tried to record a video but I had to myself together and plan better the evening. I had to run some errands and I’m finishing just now at 21:11. I went for a run after work, some 6k as part of one of my three challenges of the month (journaling, running 3 times a week, no sweets/cakes) and well here I am so let’s get started.

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

Today I decided to commute to the office using my motorbike simply because I realised that it cannot be parked for too long otherwise the battery starts playing up like it did last weekend. So one of my favourite parts of the days did not happen, that is the cycling commute, however I managed to take a picture from the office so you can see the sunrise.

As for what actually filled me with enthusiasm today I can say that it was having a meeting with my HR colleague to discuss about a healthy project for all the company. We talked about what, how, who, when and talking to her and getting her feedback was interesting as well as rewarding. I presume that talking to someone or a group of people is something I am enjoying more and more. That is something I can’t believe even myself but after the years I have realised that I am not introvert but rather a weird extrovert. I simply like to hangout with people with the same likes and tastes. Otherwise I’d rather be on my own and to tell the truth being along is not a problem for me. I enjoy riding my motorbike for hours and hours alone as well as going hiking and enjoy nature and hear the wilderness around.

Thus I have to keep this in mind. So far I can say that being outside, enjoying nature, riding a motorbike and talking or sharing time with people are the things I am liking the most and I feel the best.

What drained me of energy today?

If there is anything that drains my energy it has to be to be sitting in an office. Not the actual work. I like what I do, but sitting in the office in a closed space with no possibility to open the window is a bugger.

What did I learn about myself today?

Keeping focus is hard. I get so distracted with every single thing that something I hate myself for doing it. Planning my day will make me happy for achieving the things I have foreseen to accomplish on a day, so far that has not happen. Tonight is the first time I have tried to focus and do the things I had to do before moving on to something else.

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