Fasting Experiment

Two weeks ago ( Monday 13th of January 2020) I decided to fast for a day. It was a crazy idea I wanted to experience on my own after reading and listening to some experts. What you will find below are my thoughts and how I felt as the hours were passing that day. I am not a scientist myself or researcher but this year I feel like I want to experiment with my body and see what I am capable of.

If you’ve got any questions let me know.

06:30 woke up 

06:37 brain thought about food. But so far I don’t feel hungry but I am thirsty. I had a lot of food the night before. I had a glass of water perhaps it will be the only one for today

06:56 had a thought: should I eat something? But immediately my rational part of the brain said “you’re fasting”

07:16 stomach makes weird sounds. 

08:02 left home. 

08:43 I feel like drinking water. I reckon this is due to me being used to drinking a glass of water once I get to the office. And I usually get in around 08:30 ( as today) after cycling for 18 minutes from home. I suspect cycling might have released a reaction for me to drink water.

09:10 I’m working on a deck on the Computer and suddenly I’ve got a need for food and my mouth waters, this is the first time this has happened today.

10:05 I feel like nibble something. (I usually have a fruit around this time, so this might be part of the daily routine and the brain wanting to satisfy the craving) there’s mouth watering but not as much mouth watering as at 09:10. 

10:09 I feel thirsty again.

10:57 my mouth feels dry and I can feel my mouth watering. 

11:50 I feel thirsty and my lips are getting dry ( perhaps being in an office in a air conditioning environment)

12:19 I’m starting to feel uncomfortable. Like stressed and anxious but not angry so far.

15:05 I think about eating something and how chicken tastes like, I’m doing this whilst passing next to a chicken ad ok the road. 

15:46 my throat feels dry and weird. My lips are very dry and I crave for water. 

18:32 I feel like eating something because I’m back home and I’m in the kitchen 

20:23 I want to drink or eat something. My throat feels funny and my mouth is dry as well as my lips.

20:34 I want to drink something!! I feel like my mouth and throat are very dry

21:37 just brushed my teeth again and the bad mouth taste is gone. However my lips are dry and I feel like drinking water. I will meditate now. Good night

21:46 I’m lying down in bed and my stomach makes sounds and I have a weird belly pain, something i haven’t felt before. It’s not the typical belly pain that you have when eating too much or when you have gastritis, it’s different. However, it didn’t last long and after 3 minutes the noises and pain faded away. Now yes let’s try to fall asleep. 

5:51 I woke up to go to pee, i don’t know where is this liquid coming from because I have not drunk a single glass of water since almost 24hrs. 

6:22 I got up and proceed to do some push ups part of my morning routine. 

6:31 I’m done with the push ups and I have officially fastened for 24hrs successfully. 

In summary it’s not hard but external elements influence your brain to eat and eat when you are stressed, anxious and even worse bored. That might explain why when I go hiking even though I know I should eat after short period of time I don’t do it. I am active , I’m doing what I really like doing. I’m not stressed or anxious and there aren’t any external elements ( food ads, restaurants, smells coming from restaurants) that can trigger my hunger. I’m happy. 

Here are some things I noticed in my body after waking up the morning after. 

At breakfast I was able to discern more ingredients separately in my muesli, almost like my tongue could identify every single food.

It was very sensible to any taste, although this feeling didn’t last long, perhaps an hour. 

I didn’t feel like eating, contrary to what I thought it would happen I didn’t want to eat a lot of anything. 

I was very thirsty and still am after 12 hrs after stopping fasting.

I was able to taste the flour in the Shortbread offered by a colleague at work.

I felt weak in the late afternoon and evening. My mind was tired as well as my body, but mainly my brain.

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