Journaling Challenge – Day 5

Friday has come and with it the end of the working week. Enter weekend! And yes, I must say Friday’s are special. I know that for freelancers it means just another day, but for normal office workers it is heaven and the door to two days of relaxation and freedom. And so on the questions at hand

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

For the last three days I have been working on the personal initiative to improve our workplace in terms of movement. The project it is called “Stretch It Out” and if successful it is meant to help all of us to improve our health whilst at work. I am quite motivated to get this done and implement it in all our offices. I am quite sure it will be a success because there are a lot of people who are taking part of the test.

What drained me of energy today?

In short being inside the office. However, since I was working on something that I like the time flew by and I honestly didn’t feel drained or dozing off.

What did I learn about myself today?

If I look at myself from afar I can tell that helping others in a healthy way fills me with joy and happiness. Being outdoors for me is quite important and if I can involve those who I work with on a daily basis then the outcome is even higher personal satisfaction.

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