Journaling Challenge – Day 6

What an eventful Saturday it was. First of all I woke up at 6am. I know, don’t ask. I felt super good, not sleepy at all. Drank a glass of water, 20 push-ups followed by 2 mins plank. After that I put something on grab my tripod and ran to the beach to record the sunrise and it was a lovely view to start the day and the weekend.

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

Let’s change the question to, what did not fill me with enthusiasm today? First I went for run, then saw a beautiful sunrise on the beach. Afterwards, came home at a cold shower, got changed, jumped on my motorbike and off to Montserrat for a short hike. On the way there I took the wrong turn and ended up in a old bath house that I presume it was used during the Franco times. Nowadays, it is or was the house of drug addicts. After taking some pictures I came across another motorbike that also took the wrong turn. I told him the way up was the right one and off we went. After some kilometres I left him and park my bike to start hiking. The hike was quite relaxing and it charge my batteries. Once at home I had a nice lunch and a chilled afternoon.

Squat in catalonia
A creepy squat in the middle of nowhere

In summary, everything I did today filled me with enthusiasm.

What drained me of energy today?

Nothing, full stop.

What did I learn about myself today?

Being outdoors, explore new places alone or with someone is the most rewarding feeling. It is how I want to live my life. I could go on an on but in a nutshell that is what I like a bit of exploring, nature, green, creepy places and beautiful landscapes.

Me in my favourite habitat

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