The Challenge Month

By some weird reason 2020 started with me trying to improve my health considerably. This started mainly as a way for me to be able to control and ride my 240kg motorbike when i go off-road with it.

Entering into the new year and decade 2020 I was eager to try new things. I know we shouldn’t do anything that is said out there, but if this is backed up with research and facts then why not.

Thus, I embark in a series of challenges to improve my life in different aspects. The two challenges I have set to myself are the following:


  • Challenge 1: Journaling for 30 days
  • Challenge 2: no alcohol and sugar for 30 days and eat less meat and skip meals as much as possible

Here is a video where I tell you a bit more about this, because I reckon it is easier for me to talk to the camera than writing.

Thanks and leave me a comment if you’ve got any questions.

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