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Journaling Challenge – Day 7

Woah today I had what I would call a massive blast with the lads riding our motorbikes in some incredible places. It had a bit of everything runs, mud, fast lanes, stones, pebbles, river crossing, uphills, downhills, you name it everything was there. Now you might ask yourself why am I telling you all this? The reason is because I had an incredible amount of fun. Bonding all of us together and also learning and enhancing new riding skills, pushing yourself a bit more, feeling uncomfortable, feeling exhausted and realising that the route still isn’t over and that there’s another 20k to go made me quite happy. So anyway let’s get on on the questions.

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

Riding with the lads today. I had a bit of a slow start in the morning I felt like I didn’t have enough energy to get up and get ready. But I said to myself, “we’ve been planning this route for almost a month. I can’t just simply say no, move your arse!”. And it was definitely worth the effort even if it was on a Sunday and after a long hike the day before. 

The enthusiasm I had when jumped on the bike and then riding and meeting my friends had no match. It’s like we were are all there for the same, with the same energy, with the same will and wanting to work towards the same goal which was to have a great day and enjoy as much as possible.

What drained me of energy today?

Nothing, absolutely nothing did. I wouldn’t say that riding for 9 hrs off-road drained me. The complete opposite it powered me up!

What did I learn about myself today?

That being outside the office is better for me. Moving my body, moving, riding, being on constant movement, seeing new things, suffering a bit, struggling every now and then, learning new skills, pushing myself to the limits was a great knowledge.

There’s something above everything else that is to trust in myself, to trust that I can do and that I will succeed. To have that initial fear, but also have the balls to go for it and succeed in the end made me feel so good. My self-esteem was super pumped.

I need to change things so I can find a way to make a living being outdoors and I am sure that if I trust in my skills, my knowledge and power I can make it happen.

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