Journaling Challenge – Day 8

Well I’ve got to confess two things: the first one is that yesterday I had two oreos while I was riding with the guys. The second one is that writing the journal over the weekend is a bit complicated. Perhaps it is not complicated, but I can’t post it on that very evening and unfortunately I think I will post it a day after it happened. I do not know if it is ideal but I will try to make it happen.

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

Since it is quite late and I really want to go to sleep I will say that the only two things that made me enthusiastic today were:

  • Riding the bicycle to the office and back home
  • Walking along the beach during the lunch break

What drained me of energy today?

Being in the stuffy office. Barcelona and pretty much all Spain is going through some atmospheric anomaly (although I reckon this is the new normal) and the temperature over the weekend and today was about 21C so yes quite warm. The building AC system is not the newest and hence when it gets hot, it is uncomfortable to the point that you don’t know what to do to make the air cooler in the office.

What did I learn about myself today?

That to control my appetite in the office is harder than I thought. That offices in the future should not exist. It is a waste of space and energy for the sake of getting people together, when it can be easily done from home and just gather when it is strictly necessary.

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