Journaling Challenge – Day 11

Some days a definitely better than others, some days are more about doing things, some other about thinking about life and others about what to do next. Today was one of those days that after giving a health & motivation speech I said to myself “What would happen if I….?”

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

Let me answer the open question I left unattended a paragraph ago . What would happen if I pack my stuff and decide to do something else altogether that makes me feel happier everyday of my life? That was basically the question I posed to myself after today’s second speech in front of a bigger crowd of workmates, where I was explaining then about the health project “Stretch it Out”.

I am saying this because I did feel great, even better than yesterday. Of course since now I knew what things to skip and focus on the things that matter. Once it was over and I saw the crowd’s reaction I knew that this is perhaps what I should do, instead of project management. It definitely clicks better with my personality and motivation along with me energetic aura.

So yes, today speaking in front of a bigger crow made my day, even more than going for a walk along the beach, although that will always be a great time of the day to recharge batteries.

What drained me of energy today?

Now that I think about it, nothing.

What did I learn about myself today?

That perhaps I could be a great public speaker. Someone who can speak in front of big crowds, motivate them, encourage them to pursue their dreams, live a healthier life, perhaps even convince to get a motorbike, so learn how to ride a motorbike and then travel the world with it discovering new places and meeting new people, enjoying the benefits of living with less.

Only time will tell, but I will keep you posted.

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