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Journaling Challenge – Day 13

Right so I own myself an apology for being late in journaling all these past days but due to the series of events I was kept away from my mac. Ok, let’s be honest I just did not want to be in front of a screen and instead I enjoyed going riding with my friends outdoors on Saturday and the hiking on Sunday morning.

Saturday was quite special because a very dear friend was back from a long holidays and it was the first time he was actually going for a ride with me in 2020. He owns an enduro bike along with his Africa Twin Adventure Sports (ATAS), but riding the ATAS brings so much pleasure because of the mileage you can do with it. Along with him came another three very close friends with their motorbikes.

Let’s say that we planned a very easy bike tour off-road or at least that is what it said on he track we decided to follow. Moreover, the person who shared the track on wikiloc decided to change the difficulty from Moderate to Easy because according to him it was easier last time he did it.

Adventure Motorbikes
Happy after overcoming the hardest part of the trail

What we encountered during the day was not just mid-level enduro but also dangerous to go with five Africa Twins, especially when our level is not pro and none of us is a professional rider, we’re just amateurs who enjoy going outdoors over the weekend.

The track was getting hard right at the beginning, my friend was already wondering where we were going and whether the track was going to get any easier or just harder. It turned out that it got harder and there was a point where we had to turned back and re-join the track some kilometres ahead simply because the uphill was quite steep and tricky with a massive rut in the middle that made it hard for any of us.

As we continued riding the track got harder and harder. It was fun because we all know each other and we had fun, we encouraged each other, waited for one another, and helped each other.

There was a point where the path got so tricky and hard that to be able to go through that part we had to push all motorbikes with the engines off because there was no grip and there was a steep stone ladder that could definitely damage the bike if taken from the wrong side. This was the best part of the track were we sweated each and every of the bikes we had to push. It was in the moment, when I understood was to be rider, a biker, an ADV rider really meant. The friendship, encouragement, bonding, push each of us were giving to each other made me feel so human. It made me realise that we humans can achieve hard tasks when we all have the same aim.

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

Riding and being outdoors with my friends. Struggling and learning from others. Pushing each other and trying to be better at it.

What drained me of energy today?

Absolutely anything, there is even a great satisfaction in the physical pain I felt at the end of the day and when having lunch with my friends.

What did I learn about myself today?

That while going for a ride alone brings you peace of mind and freedom to choose what to do whenever you want, it is by riding together with others that humanness flourishes within.

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