Hiking Mindfulness

Journaling Challenge – Day 15

Monday came again, another week has officially started and I’ve been doing this for 15 days. I’ve got say that indeed something deep inside is changing. Let’s say that pieces that have been floating around in the universe are finally getting together and I am finding what I really like doing as well as where I could possible be heading to.

Today at work was the the first fitness session with my colleagues. In the end, it seems that I am quite good at encouraging people to come together and do something that is beneficial to everyone. Today I had to guide five sessions of 4 minutes and the feedback I’ve got so far is great. My colleagues really like the initiative and it seems that the exercises and the music as well as the nice vibe among everyone is making everyone laugh and have a good break during the day.

As everything in life there is always room for improvement, but all in all I am quite happy with Day 1.

The success was so good that HR has un-officially called me the Fit-Manager of the company and I like it!

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

Gathering people, making a circle and lead them to do the physical exercises for 5 minutes three times a day.

Getting new projects to make my colleagues get healthier and happy whilst working in the company.

What drained me of energy today?


What did I learn about myself today?

That perhaps I am indeed a new kind of employee within a company. Someone who can encourage people to get the best of themselves by getting together and working out, stretching and enjoying physical activities. Fit Manager sounds like a good title, let’s see what the future holds, but this path is starting to be quite interesting.

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