Journaling Challenge – Day 16

There’s this salsa player called Rubén Blades that has a couple of songs and out of all of them there’s one called “Decisiones” and it tells how random life can be sometimes.

Today I was told that the project I was working on is no longer viable because the company will use outsource the tech implementation. Instead I was offered a role as a business developer, something that I have always avoided but as years have passed and my personality has changed I have learnt that actually that might be my very job where I will succeed. That reminded me to never say never to anything.

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

To hear that I will have a new challenge at work from a professional point of view, to do something I am completely alien to. However, I trust in myself and I know I can pull this off and be successful, it’s all about the mindset and how to approach this opportunities in life.

What drained me of energy today?


What did I learn about myself today?

Ever since I started meditating, reading about Buddhism and accepting life as it comes things will only get better. It is ok to be realistic but if you see anything in life with a real mindset instead of a positive mindset and nothing good will come to you. That’s my philosophy.

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