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Journaling Challenge – Day 20

Day 20, let me stop there. It has been 20 days since I started journaling and it has helped me to see the kind of things I say, but most importantly that sometimes it really depends on my mood whether I decide to sit down and write or not. Journaling as also showed how important emotions are when we decide to write something. I really wonder how writers can keep up with the same tone of voice and passion when writing a book but I guess that’s what separates me and the writer, skills and practice.

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

The first thing I did was to go for a long-fast-pace run. I woke up at 7:15 and by 8:00 I was at the door ready to leave. Oh boy that felt great. Pushing myself to run faster and keep the breathing is always good.

Then I went for a short hike to see some reddish rocks, very similar to the ones I visited a week ago but this time I went with my ex. One of the things we both love is hiking (perhaps I do more than here) and going together after a long time was good. I really do not understand why couples fight to the point of sometimes murdering one another. It’s important to understand that sometimes the best sign of reciprocal love is to let go in order to grow.

Indeed, to get to that point of understanding was not easy and I have to say thank you to my ex for sharing books and podcasts that could help me.

What drained me of energy today?

Nothing, full stop.

What did I learn about myself today?

That hiking is what I enjoy the most in my life. That hiking even if it is for just one single kilometre helps me, makes me happy, revitalises me, enhances me, and brings me joy. If hiking is done with someone the retribution is even better.

That if I ever move countries again I can only do if I have mountains around me. I do not think I could move to a flat or hilly place because those geographical conditions would not suit me and make me happy.

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