Journaling Challenge – Day 22

Start of the week and nothing interesting happened so far. It’s almost 22:00 and my friends still haven’t made up their minds whether to take the ferry in one city or another. But I reckon that’s life, you must accept that most things happened due to external factors and not because you chose to.

Today when I rode to work I realised how much pollution there is in the streets and how bad it is for our breathing and lungs. And that somehow contradicts myself. It really makes me think over and over again whether I should continue riding the motorbike in the outdoors. I normally try my best to go slow, but I won’t lie to myself, because sometimes I just go very fast even though I should not.

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

First, it made me happy to lead the stretching sessions. I feel very good and I am happy to see others enjoying whilst enjoying moving their bodies.

Second, going for a walk along the beach during lunch time.

Third, planning the Morocco trip.

What did I learn about myself today?

That in the end nature always calls me and I want to be outside and not indoors. I need to sit down and think how to make money being in nature and I must push myself harder to achieve that.

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