Journaling Challenge – Day 23

I’m a week away from completing my journaling challenge and all I can say today is that by writing this journaling for the last 23 days I have learnt things about myself. I have seen how I say things, how I express my emotions and what was lingering whilst I was writing these blog posts.

Today I was told that the job that was offered to me though exciting it will have a lower base salary than I originally expected. However, there is a whooping bonus I can’t overlook and if I achieve the goals I can claim those at the end of every quarter.

All of my life I have run away from bonuses, mainly I guess because I loved to be within my comfort zone and always avoided risk of any kind. Yet, in 2020 I have started to realise the importance of risk and learning from failure.

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

Three things:

  1. Leading the exercise sessions and encouraging my friends to move their bodies for 4 minutes every two hours.
  2. Reading tweets about news from the Forestal Agents.
  3. Walking along the beach at lunch time.

What drained me of energy today?

Sitting down and doing nothing productive or that brings value to the company

What did I learn about myself today?

That I am scared of failure and risking.

That I need to man up and face it, because whatever happens I will learn from it. In the end I love the team and I really like the company so I will give it my best to it.

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