Journaling Challenge – Day 27

So here is the thing after seeing that Budapest hasn’t changed much and there’s a whole country I want to discover and explore the best way for me to do so was to look for alternatives and hence I went to spend a day in Szekésfehérvár. It is a town located about an hour to the West of Budapest. It is beautiful, clean, cute and very photogenic.

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

Exploring and visiting new places and trying new Hungarian dishes and desserts.

What drained me of energy today?

Nothing as you can imagine.

What did I learn about myself today?

That even though I love Hungarian culture, the food, the language, their folklore, the people’s attitude is far from my own. I am happy, motivated, encouraging, full of energy and most of the Hungarian people I have come across so far look depressed regardless of their age. I do not think I could ever live in Hungary first because of its people attitude towards life and second because the few mountains they have are in fact hills.

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