Journaling Challenge – Day 30 – Last one

Today was a day that for me it meant a lot. On one hand I was going to have a meeting with the sales team to understand what they wanted me to do in the biz dev role and on the other hand I was going to pick up my motorbike with new rear tyres.

On the other hand I have realised how taking cold showers are affecting me in a positive way. I am more resilient to cold temperatures and in the morning when it is 9C or 10C I am most of the times not wearing the windproof jacket, I also feel I can withstand cold wind effortlessly.

Lastly, on a day like today a year ago I left London to come back to Barcelona after 6 months living and working in the London. I did it because I thought it was the best decision to save my relationship with my ex. Unfortunately, or fortunately, tore strings or a broken ship most of the times sink and my relationship came to and end a couple of most after my arrival. Looking back a year ago my London-escape-plan was crazy but I really wanted to give it a go and try.

That’s life, sometimes life and the universe is aligned with you and what you truly want and sometimes the actual true that universe wants you to see is to reset your life and move on in order to start over. It is also a coincidence that my last journaling challenge day happened to fall on this day when a year ago I came back. It is like a proper reset. It is as if the universe is telling me to open my eyes and to see that there is something beyond what I can see with my eyes and perceive with my mind. 

What filled me with enthusiasm today?

I love doing something, anything, but I most do something otherwise boredom takes over and I lose interest in doing anything. 

Today I also helped there marketing team looking for some new domain names, a time-consuming job that I’ve started doing with pleasure. I’m still waiting for feedback, but I have a good feeling that some of those domains names are suitable for what they want to.

Taking people off their chairs to move their bodies is something that I really enjoy. I loved it when I used to take people to the mountain for a hike and this is a great initiative that I will carry with me from now on wherever I go in the future.

What drained me of energy today?

Nope, anything really.

What did I learn about myself today?

I’ve found out that with age and experience my honesty and straightforwardness has no limits. Today during the interview they asked me on many occasions the same question but in different ways, as if they wanted me to answer something I’ve got no experience at all. Sometimes I really thing that it is for me to move on and start my own company or gig. I guess I just lack the balls, but they’re there and they are telling me to man up and get on with it and do what I like doing the most because in the end I will feel more satisfaction. 

What I have learnt after my 30 days journaling challenge?

That a new beginning is upon me. I don’t know what it is, but I can see that my life will change in the next months for the better in one way or another.

I also learnt through writing this journal that my passion for being outdoors either hiking, running, riding a bicycle or motorbike has no limits and that I will accomplish my dream of making a living out of it, the universe and my persistence and willingness will drive me towards it and it will come to me.

Tonight (Thursday 27th 2020) when I am writing this my ex Natalia has officially moved out of what used to be our flat. We will still be friends, actually good friends and despite what people think it is possible to remain friend with your ex-partner, because if you really loved your ex-partner you must know that the most beautiful and loving gesture towards each other is to let them go and live you life happily.

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