Life Milestones – Certified Drone Pilot

By no means 2021 have been a rollercoaster year for many. In my case I have lost my father and uncle in a blink of an eye; both of them passed away in a matter of a month.

I have realised that moving to the countryside has many pros and some cons, but the pros outweigh the cons by far. In all honesty, I doubt I will ever more back to any big city. I guess I’ve reached that time of my life where all I want is to chill and enjoy peace and silence. Actually silence is something I haven’t achieved just yet despite the fact that I moved to a little town, but I am sure it will happen soon.

My father passing away took a toll on me and I had to take some time off to be able to find myself again and understand that nobody is eternal, that our time in this realm is shorter than we all think and that’s important to spend the time we have doing the things we like.

During that month I decided to invest the time off work to do something else, something completely different from anything I’d done till now. That’s how I enrolled in a course to obtain the UAS (drone) STS-2 licence. At the same time another close friend of mine told me to help him for a videography project and I in a matter of a week I was in a car with two great people travelling around Catalonia and recording some of the best locations for companies to host their events. It was during this project that I found out about the MICE industry and mingle around the people in the industry. And just in case I forget to mention the very first day I attended the Mobile World Congress. Sure, the big companies decided to pull off from the event but to be able to attend this world renowned event it was a dream I could only imagined a couple of years ago.

In a nutshell my father passing away led to me achieving two life milestones:

Obtaining my UAS (drone) STS-2 licence

Joining an agency to be their videographer guy

Now more than ever I’ve realised how important is to focus on the things that make you happy and motivate you every day. 

Left to Right: Montse (Lloret de Mar Convension Bureau Manager, (Jorge) that’s me, Albert (Catalunya Convension Bureau, Sina (MICE Influencer

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