TikTok & IG Reels Content

You need to start sharing videos on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube

Do you need video content?

  • Yes, because your site traffic will more likely increase 50%
  • Yes, because 40% of people are more likely to buy your product to hire your services
  • Yes, because your brand awareness can increase 70%
  • Yes, because 83% of marketing people say video helps them increase their leads
  • Yes, because 52% of marketers say video have the best ROI

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Why you need to hire a videographer

  • Because having a mobile with a camera is just not enough
  • He knows the best locations, angles and cuts for your products
  • Spends less time editing a video “time is money” (cost effective)
  • He can make more out of every footage (Repurposing videos)
  • He knows the latest video trends
  • He has the right equipment to make great looking videos

Meet the videographer

Hi there, I’m Jorge, your videographer.

I am based outside of Barcelona and I have my own car so I can drive to any location you needed me to.

I started making videos for fun back in 2014 and these days I make a living out of it, especially since the boom of video in Instagram and Tiktok and more recently YouTube Shorts.

I speak fluent English and Spanish as well as conversational German and Italian.

Some of the things I like are hiking, cultures, getting to know people from around the world, travelling, languages, motorcycles, photography and of course making videos.

I’m sure you’ll have plenty of questions and that’s totally fine. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.


My services

  • Video filming
  • Video editing
  • Video production
  • Instagram reels / TikTok video format (portrait/vertical)
  • Sound editing
  • Drone video and photography
  • Local location knowledge
  • I work in and also outside of Barcelona
  • Transportation to location (in case venue is outside of Barcelona)
  • Quick turnaround 48hrs
  • Communication through Whatsapp or Telegram (including weekends and holidays)

Don’t waste more time! Let’s start making videos together