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When two Instagram strangers meet and ride

Can two total Instagram strangers become best riding friends? Add to this the fact that one is a woman and another is a man and top it up by mentioning that they don’t live in the same country.  The short answer is yes and despite all odds and crazy shit happening when people meet online […]

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When saying ‘Hi’ becomes annoying

I’ve been reading (actually trying to finish) the ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’, and I’ve got admit it’s a hard to digest book. Maybe that’s because it is not what I was expecting it to be. It wasn’t really into the book story until recently at almost 80% of the book, that its […]

Adventure Motorbike Mindfulness

Survival Guide for Adventure Riders During COVID-19 Lockdown

Seems like a cliche title but I am sure that after this period in humanity history you will see things with different eyes, so even though the title seems more like coming from a wannabe yoga teacher pretending to be a rider, bear me with me it’s gonna get interesting I promise you. This article […]