First Long Walk After The Lockdown

Wednesday 22nd April – Walking 14kms for the first time in a month a half. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am a hyperactive man and that I am always moving. It is simply my nature. So as COVID-19 took over our lives so it did prohibited me from going for a […]

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Together We Can Save The (local) Economy

Originally I intended this post to be aimed at motorbike riders since some (and not all) of us like to ride alone. Social distancing and motorbike life seemed like a match made in heaven. However, I’ve rewritten this post aiming at each and every single one of us, because only together we will overcome this […]

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The Lockdown : One Month

Today is officially a month since I have been in lockdown. I wish I could just say “I’d sum it up with…” but unfortunately this is not the case since to do that would be to skip the journey I have been walking or rather standing for the days 30 days of my life. I […]

Adventure Motorbike Mindfulness

Survival Guide for Adventure Riders During COVID-19 Lockdown

Seems like a cliche title but I am sure that after this period in humanity history you will see things with different eyes, so even though the title seems more like coming from a wannabe yoga teacher pretending to be a rider, bear me with me it’s gonna get interesting I promise you. This article […]